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We are a one stop shop for London SME’s when it comes to considering broadband options.  Working with tier 1 providers, Honeycomms are able to provide top quality broadband connections from ADSL through to Leased Line for those wanting uncontended broadband connections.

Not all broadband services are equal and it is well worth fully understanding your options when choosing your broadband supplier.  Speak to us for an appraisal of services available in your area.  If your office is not situated in an area with Fibre connectivity, you may wish to consider our bonded broadband service to improve your bandwidth and speed?  Even if you have got access to a Fibre connection, do you know which Fibre service would best suit your business?

Honeycomms excel in providing a reliable support service for any services you purchase from us.  No more waiting on hold to get put through to a call centre.  If you have a question or concern about your broadband connection, call our team and we’ll take care of everything on your behalf leaving you to take care of your business.

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ADSL or DSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) runs symmetrically over traditional phone lines (copper), therefore you also need a fixed phone line installed over which to run an ADSL service.  Honeycomms can arrange either or both of these services concurrently for you.

Most urban areas now have access to ADSL services and multiple lines can be bonded (combined) to further improve bandwidth and speed.  This is particularly useful for areas yet to benefit from access to Fibre.

Our team are passionate about providing you with the best feasible option for your small business. We are committed to helping you, whether that is a simple enquiry about purchasing one of our products or an in-depth technical question about some aspect of telephony, our expert team is here to help make a positive difference to your day.

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A leased line is a dedicated, fixed bandwidth business broadband connection between two locations.

They are typically used to link servers in more than one location such as secondary offices, or data centres, or to enable employees to link via a dedicated line from home where high speed and/or uncontended connections are required.

Leased lines provide same upload and download speeds and so are great for VoIP telephony, sending large files or to ensure no lesser service through heavy use at particular times of the day. They are considered expensive when compared to ADSL or Fibre, however for large or corporate organisations the benefits can outweigh costs.

Installation can typically take around three months and sometimes longer to get up and running due to specific connections between buildings needing to be established, so if you would like this service please do plan ahead where possible.


Putting it simply, to provide a bonded broadband solution means combining broadband services such as ADSL, FTTC and other circuit types such as EFM and FTTP into a single connection.  In this scenario you achieve combined bandwidth of all line types bonded together.  You can literally double your internet speed through bonding.

Still so many locations are without FTTC, leaving them the choice of slow ADSL or highly expensive leased lines.  If this is your business, bonding is for you.

Benefits of bonded solutions include:

  • Much improved bandwidth and speed
  • Bond one or more (up to 8) lines
  • Much increased resilience and redundancy
  • Value for money when compared to the price of installing a leased line
  • Significantly improved broadband service for where FTTC or FTTP is not yet available
  • Full visibility of network performance.

It is also possible to bond solutions provided by multiple carriers.  Call us today to discuss your business broadband requirements 03333-44-5454.


Future-proof your connectivity with a direct, dedicated fibre optic cable connection.

Honeycomms works with a number of Tier 1 suppliers enabling us to deliver exacting business needs in terms of locality, cost and timescales.

With balanced upload and download speeds and no usage limits or caps, Fibreline is the perfect solution for mid-size and larger businesses or users of cloud based systems.

Benefits include:

  • Zero set up fees for 3 year contracts
  • No fixed lines required
  • Unlimited monthly data usage
  • 99% uptime guarantee
  • Choose your speed from 10Mbps to 1Gbps


FTTC offers fast and reliable connectivity for all types of business, particularly those relaying on their internet connection for VoIP and cloud based services.  Ideal for small to medium sized business.

This service is delivered from the exchange to the cabinet using Fibre and from the cabinet to business premises over traditional copper which enables increased bandwidth.

Benefits of FTTC:

  • Affordable business grade packages available
  • Upgrades from existing ADSL connections within 5 days where service is available
  • Speeds up to 80Mbps download and 10Mbps upload
  • Unlimited use available
  • Consistently performs better than ADSL

We can also bond Fibre connections to deliver even greater capacity at affordable rates.  Click here for more information on how Bonded Solutions could work for you.

We can create bespoke solutions designed just for you, call us now on 03333-44-5454.

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